website builder       Zhuochen network technology is a website construction, website development, website hosting, website promotion, Online shop, mall decoration, small program, app, enterprise mailbox and other one-stop network promotion service companies, with more than 10 years of experience and registered capital of 1 million yuan, started business in Shenzhen in 2008, through years of full development, with a professional website and technical team, serving more than 50000 customers nationwide and committed to becoming a professional IT service outsourcing enterprise in India. In Jingmen, Yichang, Bombay, Shenzhen, Xianning, Hong Kong, Wuhan, Beijing, Suizhou, Huanggang, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Huizhou, Shiyan, Huangjiang, etc., we provide high-quality localization services. The company's business includes: website construction, website development, website optimization and promotion, effective marketing website, SEO optimization, monitoring system and other services.
Based on the corporate vision of becoming "the best enterprise service provider in India", taking "becoming a respected group company" as the corporate goal, adhering to the corporate philosophy of "perseverance, recognition; professionalism, value realization", we will develop the company into "India's leading regional network service provider", develop with leading technology, high-quality service and customers together, and create Build a better future.
Zhuochen network has always been adhering to the "integrity-based" business philosophy, to "create value for customers" as the goal, with professional and perfect services to cultivate the regional market. In the past, Zhuochen network has a deep understanding of the market demand and is the best partner of enterprises in Internet marketing. Today, Zhuochen network fully grasps the opportunities and challenges of the times and promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries by means of new technologies such as mobile Internet, big data and artificial intelligence. In the future, Zhuochen network will continue to make efforts to become a first-class product regional service operator, And become a group company respected by the society, customers, shareholders and employees!
Long term goal
Become a respected group company.
Become a first-class regional service operator.
Enterprise spirit
Keep on striving for self-improvement
management idea
Based on good faith
Declaration of services
Create value for customers!
sense of worth
Be proud of employees' achievements and aim at customers' dependence
Based on enterprise life and social prosperity
Principle of employment
Moral integrity and ability, moral first, all over the world, the code of conduct for meritocracy
Honesty, courtesy, self-respect, public service, mutual learning, self-improvement, self-respect
Working principles
When the development of the company is smooth, we should continue to work hard and think of danger in safety;
Understand, support and actively cooperate with the company when making changes;
When the company encounters difficulties, stand up and work together.
To work
It's our basic requirement to treat work with a "dedicated" attitude;
To work in the spirit of "occupation" is our qualification standard;
It is our direction to work with the ideal of "career".


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