Why not choose a template to build a website?

Why is the template website not suitable for business operations? There are two effects:
1. For the website operation stage. The success of a website or effective conversion is closely related to website ranking. Among them, website design and framework construction have an impact on optimization, especially for those websites that use free programs and free templates. Websites without features are not only difficult to be searched and liked, and lack of features is also not conducive to user memory. If the structure is not Conducive to optimization, it will also hinder search engine crawling.
2. The template website is to copy and plagiarize the source program compiled by other people's pages, so contradictions abound. Many web design companies use a large number of page development software templates that they do not have copyrights to design web pages, resulting in the suspected copying and plagiarism of source programs compiled by other people's web pages despite the different page layout designs of the two websites. This is not good for the company that wants to promote the brand.
To increase the attractiveness of the company's website, we need to pay attention to the above aspects. Although template websites are not perfect, they also have advantages. For example, corporate website design pages can design web pages through templates to quickly complete web design work. This is still an option for beginners, who can choose to practice their hands when making a personal website. But if a company wants to build a branded website, it needs serious planning and construction. 

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