What do you need to build a website

What do you need to build a website?
In response to this question, many people open their mouth: domain name, space, program, tool, very simple. In fact, this answer is right, for a novice website, as an old man in SEO industry, I generally answer the novice's advice, because the simple can make the novice more enthusiastic about learning, but also can save a lot of trouble, if you say too profound, may prevent a new enthusiasm for learning. But it is also because we are too lazy to explain, resulting in a lot of customer awareness that the cost of building a station is very low. So today, I give a positive response to "why do you charge so much for building a station": a breakfast, 5 yuan for roadside dust stalls, 10 yuan for shops, 50 yuan for ordinary hotels, and tens of thousands of yuan for five-star hotels!
In terms of hardware, the materials needed to build a website are indeed domain names, spaces, programs and tools. A top-level domain name generally does not exceed 100 yuan, and the basic setting of the special virtual host space is only 600 yuan. The program is free. If you need a better looking source code program, it will cost 400-500 yuan. If you are a member, it may be cheaper, and the tools can be downloaded for free. Therefore, in terms of hardware, a high-quality website costs about 1000 yuan.
But you seem to forget that you need to pay for other people's labor and knowledge. It's like going to the hospital for an operation. The material cost is about disinfectant, drip, scalpel, etc., but it's only a few hundred yuan. Why do you have to charge tens of thousands or even millions of operation costs? For a website developer, you are neither his relative, nor his lover or base friend. He can't spend a week or even several months painstakingly modifying the source code for you, developing various programs, deleting and modifying the appearance template, designing, modifying and uploading pictures, logos and banners, or uploading your products for free Text, as well as adding SEO titles for later optimization of products, and adjusting the size of illustrations to the right size, it is impossible to find editors or write original articles for you in news and information columns, or even follow-up website maintenance, optimization and promotion training, etc.
So what do you need to build a station? Of course, there are: my knowledge of website building, code knowledge, PS knowledge, video knowledge, editing ability, and the time and energy I spent, so if you want to say that I charge more than 3000 yuan to build a website, then you can go to those cheap, preferential or even 0 yuan free websites you think, but I hope you can be prepared for the digging routine.
A summary of the pitfalls of building a station with hundreds or even 0 yuan
There is a saying in life: every cent is worth every cent. In the case of discount of a certain brand business, as an experienced person, you will understand that you get what you pay for, but you also need to have the ability of identification. You see, even if the brand businesses discount, the products are out of season and out of code. You need to send out how many coupons as much as you can, and you need to continue to buy, so that you can't extricate yourself from the cheap shopping area, rather than directly discount to realize. What's more, it can be hundreds or even 0 yuan to build a self-help Station without money. Isn't it more attractive. So I would like to say that if you can't resist the temptation of low price or even free, then you should be prepared to be routine.
1. Domain name trap: generally, the domain names with hundreds or even 0 yuan are secondary domain names, which will not appear basically xxxx.com Most of the top-level domain names that you can choose are rare, which is not conducive to optimization. At this time, you need to change the domain name by using the free website building system. Just give money. This is the first step of charging, and you will find the domain name charging price at this time The price of a professional domain name provider is higher than that of a professional domain name provider. It usually starts from several hundred...
2. Space trap: traffic restriction, speed restriction, size restriction and other basic function restrictions. Slow opening speed is the most fatal. Of course, if you want to change it, you can give money to it. You can change it at will. I don't think it's necessary to say that the price is several times higher than the normal one, and you need to charge separately for each restriction.
3. Program trap: hundreds or even 0 yuan free site is normal operation of fool, you don't have a little knowledge, drag to complete directly, of course, the website structure is not what you want, you can't delete, you can't modify, if you want to add module, the same routine or give money, such as adding QQ customer service system is necessary, to add, give money; if you want to add Add mobile plug-ins, tools, SEO optimization module, how to do? Of course, the money is given separately! Finally, the cost is several times higher than the normal website.
4. Renewal trap: of course, the last step is to renew. After you work hard from hundreds or even 0 yuan to modify or add every content, you will pay money. After a year, you will go up the website SEO, and you don't want to give up the website. Then the price of renewal will rise, and you will be put on the shelf there. Think about a year's efforts that can't be in vain. Bite your teeth and renew hard, fight Swallow your broken teeth in your stomach.
5. Other restrictions: number of content restrictions, image size restrictions, SSL website security authentication restrictions, HTTPS support restrictions, SEO optimization promotion function restrictions, no after-sales service, no customer service, customer service without attitude........... Ten thousand words are omitted here, which fully explains the principle of "one cent, one cent, one goods".
Of course, if you have a strong heart, and you think you will only use the template and domain name provided by the website company for free, and you can keep the website for yourself or send it to customers, then I have nothing to say, because for you, the website needs to be optimized, and you don't need to consider whether the website is conducive to SEO optimization.
Summary: what do you need to build a website? Do you really have hundreds or even 0 yuan to build a free website? As a smart person, we all know in our hearts that there is no profit, no after-sales service, and no survival. We have already perished. If we can see the essence of this, we can understand the trap behind the business, and naturally understand the difference between the price of a breakfast from a few yuan to tens of thousands.

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