Do I need to go through the procedures to build a website?

Do I need to go through the procedures to build a website? If you do n’t run news, forums, medicine, publishing and other nationally controlled websites in the industry (relevant permission is required to open the website), you only need to file with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for free for record with the assistance of the website server vendor.
Individuals, enterprises and groups can host their own independent websites. If your website server is placed in India, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the website needs to be filed before it can be officially opened. The specific filing method can refer to the official website.
The general approval time for website filing is 1-20 working days, which means that if you are a newly registered domain name, you need to wait for nearly a month before the website can be officially accessed through the top-level domain name (the space is generally available for the filing stage) Free third-level domain name access). Of course, you can choose to put the website on an overseas server, then you can open the website immediately without filing.
The following is a cumbersome filing process. If it is a novice suggestion or choose a foreign host that does not need to file, otherwise it will be a very painful time. Of course, you can also contact us, because these are free for you, if your website needs .
PS: The latest filing process:
Detailed information requirements:
Submit the record information in the background of the space. After the information is submitted, there is a record consultation on the record page. You can submit feedback and let the record specialist help you check whether the record information is received and whether it is filled in correctly.
After the access provider receives the post-filing information, it will send you an email or directly reply to your consultation feedback in the background, allowing you to express the authenticity checklist to them (the information to be sent varies according to different provinces), this is If you need your own express delivery, the courier access provider will review and seal it after receiving it. After passing it, it will also help you to express it to your local public security bureau for review. If it is sent uniformly, the courier fee does not need to be borne by the customer. (If you need to express delivery on the same day, the courier fee incurred here requires the customer to submit a deduction application on the background of the space. When submitting the deduction application, first confirm your account Whether there is a corresponding balance) After the information is courier to the local SA, the customer calls the local SA to consult his own record information and status. After the record is passed, the SA will send you an email to inform you If the record is passed, the record number will be told to you. If the record number is available, the record is successful.
Requirements for the original checklist:
The name of the sponsor, website type, website domain name, and the signature and date of the person in charge of the website.
New filing needs:
1. A copy of the ID of the website sponsor,
2. Checklist
3. Information security management agreement,
4. If it is an enterprise filing, a copy of the business license is required. (Add photo of Beijing, Xinjiang, Shandong, Chongqing)
After the website record management system is upgraded, all domain name records can now be submitted. Submission method:
New domain name registration:
1: General general server website: virtual host management --- host name --- management control panel --- website filing --- main body filing --- newly added filing. . . . .
2: Alibaba Cloud server: mobile phone download Alibaba Cloud app, or computer login account, backstage search for filing application, fill in and submit information in detail according to the requirements, and complete the face and ID card identification and certification. . . . . .
Add the domain name under the existing record number:
1: Virtual host management --- host name --- management control panel --- website record --- website record --- add website
2: Download the Alibaba Cloud app for filing, the filing system-add a website. . . .
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