8 principles of website design

The success of any website depends entirely on the way it is designed. Whether the designer has done his best when developing it. Your carefully designed website (including usability and utility) determines success, not visual design. Since your website is the image of your business and most potential customers will visit your website before you visit the store, careful design of your website is inevitable. Anything missing may eventually destroy your brand impression.
Web design is critical to your conversion. Despite using excellent conversion promotion strategies, if the quality is poor, you may not do much. In fact, website design does not necessarily mean its look and feel, but how it works. Even websites that are simple in appearance, have excellent usability, and are well-structured often perform surprisingly well on Google. The user views of such websites are also higher than those with poor user experience. Performance depends entirely on the effectiveness of the website.
So, how to design a good website?
Good website design requires a wide range of professionals with expertise in different fields. When key decisions need to be made, they need to make a collective effort. Here in this article, we will outline 8 basic principles of good website design that must be considered when developing a website. These design principles will undoubtedly help web designers develop awesome designs and enhance the usability of websites.
The following is a list of 8 good design principles that will make your website beautiful, user-friendly, effective, and engaging:
1. Simple is best
Over-designed websites may not work properly. Placing too many elements on the page may distract visitors from the main purpose of your website. Simplicity always plays a role in effective web design. A clean and tidy website design not only makes the website more attractive, but also helps users seamlessly navigate from one page to another. Loading websites with design features that do not fit the purpose can be frustrating. Keep your design as simple as possible so that visitors can feel its easy-to-use and find method.
2. Consistency
The consistency of website design is very important. Please note that the design elements are matched on each page. Understandably, your font, size, title, subtitle and button style must be the same throughout the site. Plan everything in advance. Determine the fonts and correct colors for text, buttons, etc., and stick to them throughout the development process. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) will be very useful and can retain complete information about design styles and elements.
3. Layout and readability
No matter how good your design is, text will still dominate the website because it provides the information users need. Because search engine crawlers are very familiar with this data, it becomes an integral part of SEO activities. You should make your fonts visually attractive and readable, and use keywords, metadata, and other SEO-sensitive elements ingeniously.
Consider using fonts that are easier to read. The body text can use Arial, Helvetica and other modern sans serif fonts. Properly combine fonts for each design element (such as title, body, buttons, etc.).
4. Mobile compatibility
Considering the continuous growth of smartphones, tablets and tablet phones, web design must be effective for various screens. If your website design does not support all screen sizes, it is likely that you will lose to your competitors. There are many web design studios or service points where you can transform your desktop design into an adaptive and adaptive design for all screen sizes.
5. Palette and images
A perfect color combination will attract users, and a bad color combination will cause distraction. Therefore, you must choose the ideal color palette for the website to create a pleasant atmosphere and thus have a good impact on visitors. Choose complementary color palettes to make your website design look balanced and enhance the user experience. Remember to use spaces because they can avoid visual clutter and clutter on your site. Also, avoid using too many colors. The 3 or 4 shades of the entire website are sufficient to provide an attractive and clear design.
So is the image. Don't use multiple vivid images
6. Easy loading
No one likes that this site takes too much time to load. Therefore, this problem can be solved by optimizing the image size and combining the code into a central CSS or JavaScript file to reduce its HTTP requests. In addition, compress HTML, JavaScript and CSS to increase the loading speed.
7. Easy navigation
Research shows that visitors stay longer on websites that are easy to navigate. For effective navigation, you can consider using breadcrumbs to create a logical page hierarchy and design clickable buttons. You should follow the "three-click rule" so that visitors only need three clicks to get the information they need.
8. Communication
The ultimate goal of visitors is to obtain information. If your website can effectively communicate with visitors, it is likely that they will spend more time on your website. The technique for establishing easy communication with visitors is to organize information by making full use of headlines and subtitles, cut waffles, and use points instead of lengthy bursts of sentences.
Following the above principles of good website design, you can easily develop beautiful and practical websites. Without this foundation, it is difficult to go a long way. Only with a clean and user-friendly design can you think of success.


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