10 things customers want on the website

How unique is your business? Answer the question "who are you?" Be as interesting and engaging (honest) as possible. This includes writing a management resume that mentions your expertise, years of experience, and any unique attributes or details that might make you different.
You need to answer, "what's unique about your business? Why should I buy from you? " Many enterprise sites don't, she said, because the owners don't have the necessary strategic thinking to solve the problem.
In short, Cutler added. "You don't have to write novels."
Have a clear understanding of your services
"It's incredible how many sites you've visited and you're not sure what the company offers," brading said Give priority to providing at least general information about your products and / or services on your home page, and provide links to detailed information on the products page.
For competitive reasons, many service-oriented companies are worried about divulging too much information about their products, Cutler said. Some people also think that if consumers get everything they need from the website, they will have no reason to contact them by phone. "There needs to be a balance" when providing potential customers with enough information to make a purchase decision, she said. Consumers usually don't contact the company to get the missing product information, they just continue to look for competitors.
Contact information, including phone number and physical location
It may seem simple, but many companies are deliberately vague about their location. Some people prefer to do all their business online without publishing addresses or phone numbers. Others are family based, or they worry that providing a street address or home will somehow hinder them.
Wayne Porter, co-founder of online marketing publication revnews and former senior research director of FaceTime, a provider of business security solutions, said: "it's necessary and a small way to build credibility and trust with consumers.". "Phone numbers, street addresses and even pictures help build credibility."
Bredin says that even showing a real location, even if no one has ever been, can convince customers that your business is real and legitimate. She suggests that you provide a phone number mapped to that location, rather than just an 800 number.
Third party verification
This means your customer recommendations, customer lists, case studies, awards and recognition, positive news clippings, etc. Potential customers do want to know who you are dealing with and what current customers have to say about their experience. Porter said the projects "lay the foundation of trust.".
If your customer is an enterprise, the customer list is particularly important. "If you have some big customers, people will like it," Cutler said But make sure you get approval from the customers listed, she added.


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