Why give priority to Hong Kong hosts?

The Hong Kong record-free host refers to the host space where the computer room is located in Hong Kong. As more and more webmasters and enterprises start building sites, domestic users' demand for Hong Kong's record-free host is also increasing, which is favored by the majority of webmasters.
The reason why the Hong Kong record-free host is very popular is because it has many advantages and benefits, and it is more suitable for various website construction needs. So, what are the benefits of renting a Hong Kong-free host?
First, the benefits of no record
As the name implies, Hong Kong's record-free host must not need to be filed. Compared with domestic hosts, the most direct advantage of placing the website on the Hong Kong record-free host is at the policy level, without the need for website record.
For domestic hosts, the website must be filed, and the filing time is about 20 days. The process is cumbersome. The website must first obtain the record number before it can be accessed, so many webmasters find it troublesome to file, so many people directly choose Hong Kong. No filing host. Hong Kong's record-free host building website does not need to be recorded, that is, it is ready to use, and the content placement management is relatively loose.
Second, the benefits of bandwidth resources
There are mainly two types of bandwidth in Hong Kong: local bandwidth and international bandwidth. Hong Kong's local bandwidth is sufficient, but it is limited to Hong Kong's local access speed. At present, most of Hong Kong's record-free hosts use Hong Kong's international bandwidth, and bandwidth resources are relatively sufficient.
The advantage of using international bandwidth for Hong Kong record-free hosts is that not only the mainland access speed is fast, but the global access speed is relatively fast, so it is also very suitable for foreign trade. It should be noted that international bandwidth is expensive and not suitable for high-traffic users. When you choose a Hong Kong-free host, you can reasonably choose the bandwidth size according to the website size and actual user traffic, so as to improve the cost-effective rental.
Third, the benefits of mutual visits.
There has always been the problem of "Southern Telecom and North Netcom" in India, that is, the telecommunications network access to the Netcom line host is very slow, and the same network access to the telecommunication line host is also very slow, which is not conducive to website optimization and user experience. In addition to the trade wars of various countries, access restrictions, etc., we often see foreign hosts, domestically unable or extremely slow to access; or domestic hosts, foreign customers complain that the roots cannot be opened, and so on. However, most of the computer rooms in Hong Kong use multi-line lines, so this will not happen if you rent a Hong Kong record-free host.
Fourth, high stability advantage
The Hong Kong government has relevant laws and regulations that pirated software cannot be used on the server operating system in Hong Kong, so the more formal Hong Kong computer rooms basically use genuine software, which is very beneficial to the stability and security of the host.
It is understood that the Hong Kong record-free host is much faster than overseas hosts, but the stability is similar to overseas hosts. Basically, the online rate of more regular Hong Kong hosts is generally maintained at more than 99%.
In short, for domestic webmasters, if they do not want to file, then Hong Kong-free host should be the first choice for building a station. Even if you are building a foreign trade station, access to international is also recommended to use the Hong Kong service area.

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